Strength-3-bead Reflector, 3-bead Round Lens, 4-bead Reflector, 4-bead Round Lens, 4-bead oval lens, 3-inch high-power LED spotlight, white and yellow light SD-3301~SD3305

SD-3301 (3-bead reflector/3 Smd Flood Light)
SD-3302 (3-bead lens/3 Smd Spot Light)
SD-3303 (4-bead reflector/3 Smd Flood Light)
SD-3304 (4-bead lens / 3 Smd Spot Light)
SD-3305 (4 Beads Elliptical Lens / 4 Smd Elliptical Type Spot Light)

  • Type: 3″ LED SPOTLIGHT/3″ High Power LED Spot Light
  • Color: White, Yellow/White, Amber
  • Dimension: 82 X 131 X 55(mm)
  • Installation: M8 bolts/M8 holes
  • Voltage: 12V-36V
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